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LTL Freight with Polaris Logistics Group

Guaranteed Delivery and White-Glove Service.

Get the best value from your LTL freight by relying on Polaris Logistics Group’s network of regional and nationwide carriers. With years of 3PL experience, the Polaris team pools its resources with partners throughout the United States and Canada to ensure that you keep costs low and efficiency high. 

Businesses often come to Polaris on a transactional basis, and we utilize our base of carriers to guarantee on-time delivery with maximum effectiveness. For clients who wish to work with us on a more strategic basis, Polaris provides access to a Transportation Management System that assists in planning your logistics needs with the ideal route, load, carrier mix and mode of transport.

Complete Service Throughout the LTL Freight Process

Our white glove service ensures that your shipment is delivered exactly where it needs to be.

Regardless of how companies choose to work with Polaris Logistics Group, every LTL freight receives the same level of service thanks our dedicated team of professionals. We deliver exceptional communication throughout the entire process, keeping in contact with carriers on a daily basis and keeping you informed along the way. In addition, we can offer white glove service, so that your shipment is delivered exactly where it needs to be, from an office space to a trade show.

The experts at Polaris Logistics Group are standing by to help you with your LTL freight needs. Contact a representative for more information or complete the form below to request a quote today.

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