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Carriers: Quick Pay is free for a limited time. Use BOOK NOW, our digital freight matching service, and get paid fast.

BOOK NOW is another way Polaris is “Technology When You Want It.” We’re still “People When You Need Us.” We’re easy to contact by phone, email, and loadboards.

Book Polaris’ loads immediately using Parade BOOK NOW.

The details:

BOOK NOW is free to sign up and has no monthly fees for carriers. (Log in with your Parade account, or request access if you don’t have an account.)

Free Quick Pay on any Polaris load booked through Parade digital BOOK NOW between July 23rd and August 31st 2021! Get paid via ACH within 2 days of billing.

What is BOOK NOW, and why use it?

Do you plan routes after hours, at night or on weekends?

Polaris Logistics Group is giving you access to loads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Having access to our loadboards 24/7 allows you to plan your routes anytime through our BOOK NOW loadboards.

Our Digital Freight Matching empowers you, our partner carriers, to skip a phone call and book multiple loads that fit your needs.

No need to wait until Monday or morning to book freight. You can BOOK NOW anytime.

Polaris Logistics Group has enabled you to book loads directly. Click here to learn more (VIDEO).