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Small Parcel Service from Polaris Logistics Group

Full-Scale Service for Your Small-Scale Delivery.

At Polaris Logistics Group, we believe that every delivery deserves our complete attention. That’s why we strive to be a name you can trust for everything from full truckloads to individual parcels. With our network of carriers, we can guarantee that your small parcel will be delivered on time and within your budget.

Polaris Logistics Group works with you to determine your specific small parcel delivery needs, then seeks out the carrier and the route that will best serve those needs. Throughout the entire process, we communicate with our carriers on a daily basis, making it possible for us to keep you in the know. In addition, we have the latest in supply chain technology at our disposal, so you can rest assured that your small parcel is on track and on target.

3PL Industry Best Practices for On-Time Delivery

Polaris is committed to getting your parcel from Point A to Point B quickly, safely and efficiently.

With years of experience, the dedicated professionals at Polaris Logistics Group are committed to getting your parcel from Point A to Point B quickly, safely and efficiently. As a third-party logistics company, we bring all of the skills we have mastered in transporting full truckloads to your single parcel—and that can deliver impressive results for your business.

Find out how Polaris Logistics Group can help you with your small parcel needs. Contact a representative for more information or complete the form below to request a quote today.

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