Flatbed Freight with Polaris Logistics Group

Full Flatbed Loads and Flatbed LTL from a 3PL Leader

Flatbed Freight with Polaris Logistics Group

Polaris Logistics Group also specializes in Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) flatbed freight. By offering rolling consolidation, Polaris has the ability to move anything from a single piece to partial load without forcing you to pay full flatbed rates. If you need to get it somewhere, we’ll find a space for it. Meeting capacity for flatbed freight is one of the primary challenges in the logistics industry. It’s also a specialty for Polaris Logistics Group. With our network of hundreds of flatbed carriers, step decks and conestogas, Polaris can help ensure that your loads reach their destination on time and on point.

Polaris is ready to meet your business’ flatbed freight needs, including:

Step Decks

Step Deck Trailers


Conestoga Trailers

Overweight Loads

Overdimensional and Overweight Loads

Step Decks

Rolling Consolidation

Short Notice Loads

Short Notice Loads

The Polaris network includes thousands of flatbeds, step decks and conestogas.

Talk to the experts at Polaris Logistics Group today to determine the best way to get your flatbed load where it needs to go. Contact a Polaris Logistics Group representative for more information or complete the form below to request a quote today.

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