Intermodal Freight with Polaris Logistics Group

Ensuring Cost-Effective Solutions to Your Complex Freight Needs.

Intermodal Freight With Polaris Logistics Group

At Polaris Logistics Group, we know that there may be more than a single solution for your logistics needs. We partner with several intermodal providers and we compare the difference in costs and transit time between intermodal and truckload. We then help you make the best business decision for your freight.

No matter what combination of truck, train, ship or plane you require, Polaris Logistics Group has the technology and the expertise to deliver the most cost-effective solution for you. Our partnerships with carriers everywhere helps ensure that your freight is moved on time, on target and within your budget. The Polaris team has a wealth of experience in the supply chain field, supporting a range of industries including agriculture, packaging, automotive and building materials.

Polaris Keeps You in the Loop Throughout Your Shipping Process.

Polaris will track and trace your shipment the entire way, consistently maintaining communication with our carriers. This enables us to provide you with timely updates throughout the process of getting your freight to its destination. Our commitment to communication is backed up by cutting-edge supply chain technology.

Learn more about how Polaris Logistics Group pulls from our vast resources to get you the most cost-effective solutions. Contact a Polaris representative or fill out the form below to request a quote today.

Polaris Logistics Group Technology

Polaris has the technology and expertise to deliver the most cost-effective intermodal solutions.

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